Our Team

Rouzbeh Iranzadeh

Director of company operation, procurement, and production process

Mr. Rouzbeh Iranzadeh, Director of company operation, procurement, and production process at DenRoboTrack, with many years’ experience in production and operation in medical equipment companies, focus mainly in DenRoboTrack on managing the process of developing the Strategic Procurement Development Planing, current and annual work plans of procurement business units, delivering business results including productivity, working capital improvement, supplier performance, and continuity of supply.

Mahnaz Hakamiha

Director of technology development and research

Dr. Mahnazsadat Hakamiha as the director of technology development and research at DenRoboTrack Company, focuses on how to develop the patented product on the base of patient feedback and international level in medical device industry. She said that “the main important aim of R&D department in DenRoboTrack company is generalizing the product to use in any step of orthodontics treatment”.

Hamed Moayedzadeh

Chief of executive manager

Dr. Hamed moayedzadeh, with many years experiences in professional medical equipment production companies is chief of executive officer at DenRoboTrack. He is responsible for the overall success of DenRoboTrack Company with different management methods adopted in International Medical Device companies. He brings with him over 20 years’ experience in business management specializing in office productivity, operational efficiency, customer service and sales in different medical and dental manufacturing companies.