How does DenRoboTrack work?

In the practice of orthodontic medicine, physicians need to be able to properly track changes in the distance between the teeth and how it impacts the face throughout the course of the treatment.

DenRoboTrack includes a U-shaped gauge divided into centimeters and inches, which is individually placed under the patient’s chin, the camera for shooting and lasers for precision. Using the joy stick button, the camera and laser are adjusted up and down so that the patient is placed in the camera frame.

This set is connected to a computer that is plugged into the computer with the help of the specialized program of the device and the patient identification diagnostic is done.

DenRoboTrack Catalog Download

DenRoboTrack product can monitor all Orthodontics treatment process through different images and graphs. These documents can help dentists to make a better decision in each step and future treatments, and decrease the cost of treatment.

Our Product Introduction

The goal of orthodontics is to change the distance between the teeth and the physician should be aware of the process of these changes in the treatment process from the beginning of treatment to the end of treatment and obtain the optimal result.