DenroboTrack Patent

denrobotrack patent


The patent covers an innovative device for orthodontic monitoring, integrating a leg-mounted camera, oral adjuster, and facial-positioning laser for precise imaging during treatment, enhancing diagnostic capabilities.

The present invention, titled “Device for Monitoring Diastema in Orthodontics Treatment,” introduces a novel approach to orthodontic monitoring, combining a leg-mounted camera, an oral adjuster tool, forehead-mounted adjuster legs, and a facial-positioning laser. This innovative device captures detailed images during various stages of orthodontic treatment, utilizing a cloud of points to overlay images and precisely monitor tooth fitting. The device addresses existing challenges in orthodontic monitoring by providing continuous and accurate measurements, enabling dentists to assess orthodontic changes, detect deviations and fractures, and contribute to improved diagnostic capabilities. The unique combination of components and the incorporation of cutting-edge imaging technology mark a significant advancement in orthodontic treatment monitoring.


DENROBOTRACK INC., registered in Ontario on June 10, 2021, has unlimited Common Shares with no business restrictions. The first director is Omid Rezaei Dastgerdi, and electronic incorporation terms were acknowledged by Rouzbeh Iranzadeh.

Company Registration Statement

On June 10, 2021, DENROBOTRACK INC. was officially registered in the Province of Ontario. The company’s registered office is located at 232 River Ridge Boulevard, Aurora, Ontario, Canada, with Omid Rezaei Dastgerdi as the sole director. Omid Rezaei Dastgerdi, a Canadian resident, is designated as the first director and has an address for service at the registered office. The corporation operates with no restrictions on business activities or powers, boasting an authorized capital of unlimited common shares. The common shares carry rights such as dividends, participation in assets on dissolution, and voting rights. Transfer of shares is subject to director consent. The corporation, named DENROBOTRACK INC., allows a maximum of 50 shareholders and prohibits public invitations for securities. Directors have the authority to borrow money, issue debt obligations, and delegate powers. The corporation is permitted to purchase common shares. The incorporators include Mahnazsadat Hakamiha, Rouzbeh Iranzadeh, and Hamed Moayedzadeh. Omid Rezaei Dastgerdi is the designated contact person for electronic incorporation, and the electronic incorporation terms and conditions were acknowledged by Rouzbeh Iranzadeh. Additional information for electronic incorporation includes NUANS search details with reference #121294608 for DENROBOTRACK, and the NUANS report was dated June 4, 2021.